Lotus Yoga with Alana Dev Priya Židziková

Yoga is an ancient knowledge how to be healthy, happy and live in harmony.
Practising yoga has many benefits – it will help you to increase strength, flexibility and concentration, lose weight, calm your mind and release stress.
This class is a combination of traditional hatha yoga, gentle stretching, breathing exercises and dynamic asana sequences to increase your power.
It is suitable for all levels – from beginners to advanced yogis.

Media partner: http://www.welcometobratislava.eu

About instructor Alana Dev Priya Židziková:

I am a certified yoga teacher and massage therapist with several years of practice.
I studied yoga, ayurveda, tantra, meditation and energy healing in Europe and India.
I teach different yoga styles – hatha yoga, power yoga, vinyasa flow, tantra yoga for women, prenatal yoga.
I am the author of the book Posolstvo rieky (The Message of the River), where I describe my spiritual experiences from India.
I write articles for the magazines and organise yoga and meditation workshops and retreats.



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